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The First Scene

A Chapter from my book: A Love Life For The World To Talk About

written by Madam Red/ Amara Zayd

Amara gazes into the mirror after sliding her hands into her black shiny PVC gloves. As her eyes scan her body she overlooks her teal PVC vinyl skirt and matching teal vinyl bustier top with two buckles on each side. Her perky breasts hang out exposed in the front cutouts. She turns slightly to check her backside. Her eyes scan from down her black glossy six-inch heels following the black stocking lines up her thigh highs. Her skirt splits in the back with an elegant lace-up corset backing. Her back tattoo is shown through the cutout of her top.  “You are sexy as fuck.”

Amara sets up the scene by throwing the white rubber sheets over the bed for blood, feces, or anything that may ruin her expensive mattress. Underneath her bed, she has several sets of chains where one can be restricted. At the end of each chain, she has a zinc plated quick link that screws on and off which can connect the cuffs to the chains for more restriction. She began to pull out her clean toys and laid them out neatly to prep for the scene. Since Jake, who was her MMA sparring partner, was into dental play she took the liberty to purchase a dental kit for him. Her stomach felt heavy and knotted as she was a bit nervous as this was going to be her first scene ever.

Amara’s thoughts began to race,  What if I perform horribly? She shakes her head. Bitch, please stop, you are the domme. It’s just like all your other partners you dated but role-playing.

Alarmed by the knocking on the front door Amara jumps and her heart skips. She catches her breath with a sigh of relief.   She opens the door and smiles while greeting him to let him in. 

“Wow. You lookwowstunning,” he says with eyes wide with astonishment.

“Thank you.” She smiles, “So shall we get right down to business?”


“So let’s talk first. I prepped the scene in the back room. What are you not comfortable with today?” She asks. Because they haven’t been intimate or played before, she wants to get to know what his hard nos are.

“I am game for anything. I can take anything. I like anal stuff, dental play and to be dominated fully.” 

“Perfect. I bought a dental kit that will be exclusively used for you. Do you have the anal toys that you would like me to use?” 

“No, I wasn’t sure what we would be doing so I didn’t bring those.” 

“No worries, I have lots of medical supplies, gloves, lube,  and I put rubber sheets on the bed.” 

“Perfect. Great planning.” 

“Safeword and any medical conditions or injuries I need to be aware of?” 

“Rock and no.” He replies.

Amara begins the scene. She looks directly into his eyes with a hard stare. She places the pronged metal choke collar around Jake’s neck, then grabs the end of the dog leash. 

“Get down on your knees now!” She demands, pointing to the floor.

“Yes, Madam. As you wish.” He obeys.

“Walk properly with good straight posture like a good boy.” She delegates in a stern voice.

“Yes, Madam.” He says while straightening his back on all fours like a dog. Graceful he moves consciously of each stride following her by her side obediently. 

She opens the bedroom door to the area of play and makes him wait until she goes through the door first. He waits until he is asked to enter. After he enters, he waits patiently on all fours until the next order is given. So far he isn't a brat slave which made her happy, that type of slave annoyed her.

“Stand before me and remove all your garments.” She orders.

“Yes, Madam. Any particular sequence?” He asks.

“No. you are free to make that decision yourself, this one time.”  

As he removes his clothes rushing his cock is erect and hard at full mass. Jake stands before her naked and vulnerable but very willing to serve and to be used. He stares at the domme waiting for the next instruction with his cock dripping. She orders him to position himself on the bed so she can place the gag ball in his mouth. She grabs his dental kit from the other toys. Staring down at it she questions for a moment whether she should give him his dessert early or make him earn it. She decides to go for the dental play first then anal play. She stands over him using the dental hygiene toys in his mouth. Gazing into his light blue eyes periodically she observes for signs of discomfort. 

She asks regularly if he is okay to keep the line of communication open as his mouth is open and he’s unable to speak his safe word. He nods to her questions letting her know he is still comfortable. 

“Mmmm this is my fuck hole to use, isn’t it?” She softly says into his ear.

He nods his head agreeing. As she finishes with his dental play session she glides her hand down his chest. She allows her hand to trace down his athletic defined abdomen and past his hips. She grabs his scrotum and she gives a slight squeeze gauging his pain threshold. She observes him and his body movements. He nods his head desiring more. She loves cock ball torture. 

“Get on all fours boy and spread them.” Her tone is strong.

“Yes, Madam” he tries to mumble with the gag ball in his mouth.

As he mumbles clear white saliva drips uncontrollably from down his lips into a long stream. The stream grows longer and thickens from his mouth. He gets on all four on the white rubber sheets of the bed creating a perfect tabletop. He spreads his legs a generous foot apart exposing his purplish, dark anus and tight scrotum to her. She grabs his nutsack and squeezes a little bit harder this time while slapping his ass cheek with the opposing hand at the same time. His toes curl and he nods his head up and down for yes. As she continues, she peers down and sees her handprint red on his pasty right ass cheek. 

“I’m going to do nasty things to your filthy asshole. I am going to penetrate myself so deep into you. I want you to feel me inside you.” She grabs her medical gloves and lubrication. “Are you comfortable with anal play?” 

“Yes, Madam,” he mumbles as more saliva pours out from his mouth. 

She grabs the flesh of his buttocks with the non-lubed hand and pulls him aggressively toward her as she proceeds to bite his buttcheek. She flicks her tongue against his rectum trying to arouse him so his asshole expands and relaxes for her to penetrate him. 

“If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll reward you by sitting on your face. You would like that wouldn’t you boy?” She asks. 

Jake nods his head up and down agreeing. She can tell he is turned on as she sees clear precum from the tip of his erect cock glisten. She takes her lubed finger and massages gently around his anus sphincter in a circular motion stimulating him before penetrating. She can tell he’s eager to have her inside him as he scoots his ass more towards her. She gently pushes pressure against his anus for a few seconds. Then she eases the tip of her pointer finger in his rectum very slowly. Feeling the tightness but also feeling for him to relax to invite her in more. She slowly moves her finger easily in by sections little by little while waiting in between until he can take it all in. 

“Are you a comfortable slave?” She asks.

Jake nods up and down agreeing. 

She waits for a long time until she feels him relax around her finger. She takes her middle finger that is lubed and begins working it into his rectum. Again, slowly and segment by segment feeling for him to relax around her two fingers. She begins to massage his rectum wall by curling her two fingers slightly gently moving slowly in and out towards his penis where his p-spot is. Jake begins to moan in pleasure and his toes begin to curl. She begins to find a rhythm that he enjoys. After minutes go by she slowly pulls her fingers out from his asshole and slips her medical gloves off. She walks around to the side of the bed and Jake is staring at her with admiration and desire in his eyes looking pathetic with drool hanging from his mouth. She reaches over behind his head and unbuckles the gag ball freeing his mouth. 

“Thank you, Madam,” he says. “You’re amazing to me and I am glad to serve you, Madam.”

She nods her head and smiles kindly to his compliments and obedient behavior. 

She orders Jake to get off the bed and onto the floor. He quickly moves and obeys positioning himself on all fours and looks up at her ready for his next task. She sits on the edge of her bed and unties the back corset lacing of her PVC teal vinyl skirt. She slips her skirt down and removes it from around her ankles. She sits there with her stockings, six-inch black heels, and corset with her breast hanging out exposed. 

“Stick your face in my pussy and taste it.”  She demands.

Jake smiles with excitement and rises up to walk on his knees over to her. He reaches the back of her legs and pulls her toward him. She parts her legs for him while leaning back but being able to stare down at him while remaining in her position of being in control. He begins to bury his face between her thighs and into her clean, shaved pussy.  She feels his moist wet tongue slide between her slit from the bottom up to her clit. 

“Eat it.”  

“Oh thank you, Madam. Yes,” he says with a thirst

He goes back to between her thighs. He begins tracing his tongue up and down her clitoris moving it around. Occasionally flicking his tongue and sucking on her clit. She starts to moan as she stares down watching him as he works her pussy. She can see a little bit of her shaved pubic hair from her landing strip touching his nose as he’s buried into her vagina. 

“Make me cum.” She orders.

He begins to work faster into a more fluid rhythm with his tongue. He brings his fingers up and begins to insert two of them into her vagina. While he’s repeatedly tracing in a circular motion with his tongue, flicking, and sucking her clit he moves his fingers in and out penetrating her. She can feel her pussy just dripping in wetness and running down her butt crack. She runs her fingers through his thick blond hair slightly pulling his hair and pressing his face more into her. She begins to feel an ache in her being and a surge of a climax and lets out a huge moan of relief. Jake makes a slurping sound sucking her juices from her pussy as she is cumming. She pushes him back abruptly. Jakes gets back onto his all fours position allowing her to have space. She picks up her vinyl skirt from off the floor and slips back into it. She leaned over to Jake freeing him from his slave duties. Jake then stands up and starts putting his clothes on. 

"I’m going to excuse myself to go wash my hands.” She replied as she walked towards her washroom. 

“Do you mind if I use your washroom as well?” 

“Absolutely. Help yourself to whatever you need. There are clean hand towels just on the shelf next to the sink too.”

“Thanks, Madam,” he says, smiling at her with twinkling eyes. 

She smiles back and heads into the living room to give him space in the washroom.

“That was really hot,” he exclaims. I really enjoyed the dental part and how you pull me into your pussy. I actually enjoyed all of it.” 

“Were you uncomfortable?” She asks.

“No. Everything was great and eased in. You kept asking if things were okay on my end.”

“Did you enjoy the anal part or would you prefer toys?” 

“I liked it a lot. I’m fine with that or toys. Next time I can bring my plugs if you would like to use them on me.” 

“Absolutely. We can make that work.”

   After a few minutes go by, Jake walks out to her living room and begins to put his shoes on. He thanks Amara again for the fun afternoon and gives her a hug.

“Don’t forget to call or text me if you want to dominate my ass again. I look forward to serving you.” He gives her a grin.

She smiles back and opens the front door for him. 

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